Yellowstone Journey
World 2-S1

Time 1000

Universe Based On Earth

Level Designer kingofsupaht3ds01, Judgespear

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v 0.25

Yellowstone Journey is the 1st secret level in Alternate Earth. It is based on Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA. Enemies include standard Mario enemies mixed in with animal enemies.

The level consists of three distinct sections. The first is an slow auto-scrolling section through the forest while evading enemies, such as vultures and forest ranger Goombas. The second takes place on a cliff side area with Old Faithful in the background, which occasionally shoots out bursts of scalding water into the foreground to harm the player. The last section is a high-speed section where the player must keep ahead of a herd of charging buffalo.


Some sprites and level art is from the SNES game EVO Search for Eden!