Watinga's Revenge
World 8-S1

Time None

Universe Based On Mario Paint

Level Designer Judgespear

Exits 1

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) King Watinga

Difficulty Very Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.1 Beta RC2

King Watinga's Revenge is the 1st secret level in Nintendo Subspace. This is one of the game's "super boss" optional levels. Super boss encounter stages are extremely short, containing only a power-up room and the boss room.

The stage's boss and main feature is a second version of King Watinga, who seeks revenge for his defeat back in the stage Tetropolis. This version of King Watinga is a super boss-class enemy. Like most bosses that enter this category, he features abnormally complex and difficult patterns and is meant to be much more difficult to defeat than most bosses encountered during normal gameplay. While he is more like his original encounter initially, he changes color and fires a more complex, but predictable pattern of shots once his life meter has been reduced by half.