Character Type Playable Character
Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom Coalition
Personality Greedy, Obnoxious
Original Appearance Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
Original Occupation Treasure hunter

"Have a rotten day!"

Wario is a playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and member of the Mushroom Kingdom Coalition. Acting as the brute force character, he trades in mobility for some of the strongest power-ups.


Wario started out his career as a villain, taking control of Mario's castle (Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins). After Mario beat him, he crossed paths with Captain Syrup and stole all her treasure (Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3), enabling him to get his own castle (Wario Land II) and marking the beginning of their conflicts. Following that, Wario became a treasure hunter, going wherever news of treasure or fortune took him. This generally placed him in something of an antihero role, as he didn't care much about who he inadvertently helped or harmed, so long as he got his treasure.

When not hunting treasure, Wario used his money to found the WarioWare Inc. game company, which marketed hundreds of short, simple games to enable Wario to rake in even more money. This business attracted several of Wario's friends, who aid him in producing games.


Wario generally follows his Wario Land style of gameplay, adapted for the traditional Mario gameplay.

  • Wario is the slowest character in the game. His top speed increases to Mario's in high-speed sections or when he acquires a Starman.
  • Wario's jumping is slightly worse than Mario due to his lack of momentum.
  • Special Jump: Dash attack (Forward + Attack). An offensive move that kills most enemies and breaks bricks. Can be used once in mid-air to cross large pits, as it ignores gravity. Wario can run off a cliff edge and keep moving forward during a dash attack. There is a slight cooldown rate that prevents it from repeated use.
  • Wario can perform a ground pound by pressing down and jump while in mid-air to break bricks and enemies. It has a cooldown rate to prevent being used repeatedly. Wario is unable to ground pound in his small form.
  • When Wario defeats an enemy, it may produce a small amount of coins. However, when Wario dies, he loses all the coins in his possession.

Power-Up System

Power-Up Form Description
Initial Small Wario Vulnerable like both small Mario and small Luigi. Wario can't use his ground pound while small.
Garlic Big Wario Wario's Super Mushroom replacement, it turns Wario into his regular, fat self. As well as being able to take one hit, he can now use his ground pound.
Fire Flower Dragon Wario This strange hat shoots a short-ranged flame attack from its mouth. It can be used while in motion, but will eventually reduce to nothing after prolonged use.
Raccoon Leaf Jet Hat Wario His dash attack is extended and can be aimed slightly vertically. He can also fly horizontally at any time, but must recharge his hat after a while.
Tanooki Suit Vampire Wario Wario is able to fly by transforming into a bat. While not as fast as Jet Hat Wario, he is capable of gliding and also has the enhanced dash. His statue form is a golden SML3 Wario statue.
Hammer Bros. Suit Sledge Wario Sledge Wario has a special move that causes a small shockwave upon ground-pounding to kill nearby enemies. He also throws two hammers at once at different angles.
Sci-Fi Suit Brute Wario Wario gains the appearance of a Covenant Brute. He has the rechargeable Spartan shield, and wields the powerful gravity hammer as his melee weapon. It has a longer range than the energy sword of Mario and Luigi, but has a much slower attack rate. He also can't use it while his shield is recharging.
Mega Man Suit Guts Wario Wario can summon blocks and throw them like Super Arm blocks. These blocks are very powerful, but they have a slow cooldown rate. Additionally, Wario is required to catch these blocks in order to use them. Missed blocks will simply fall off screen. He can also use the Super Arm to toss blocks found in levels. When Wario enters a level as Gutsman Wario, something special happens...


Wario, along with his former clone Waluigi, were the first playable characters to have voice clips. These have a 15% chance of playing when they defeat an enemy or perform a dash attack.

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