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Twisted Reality
MKF World 0
World 0
Universe(s) Represented Original
Number of Levels 18 normal,2 world boss level
Coin Skin TBA
World Boss Legion, The Abomination
Twisted Reality is the tenth and final world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is a nightmarish fusion of other worlds. The world boss is Legion, the main antagonist in the game, who lurks at the end of his castle and base of operations, the Castle of Meat. The game ends after the Castle of Meat stage unless specific goals have been obtained. Afterwords, the Coalition travels through various stages focusing on each member until reaching the end of the game.

This world is unique in that it is a point of no return. You cannot return to past worlds once reaching here. This world lacks save points. Instead, you are given the opportunity to save after beating specific levels.


Normal Levels

If the player does not meet certain conditions, the game will conclude at The Castle of Meat.

Nightmare Levels

After clearing World 0-8 and meeting certain conditions, the game will continue into these levels. These levels are the most unique in the game in that you are forced to use certain characters for these levels.

Final Level

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