Top Man

Mario taking on Top Man in his former level, Spinning Greenhouse.

World 3-FB2 Boss

Class Boss

Species Robot Master

Affiliation(s) Servant of Dr. Wily

Original Appearance(s) Mega Man 3

Top Man is a Robot Master created by Dr. Wily in Mega Man 3. Top Man's original purpose was to entertain children, but he has since taken up residence in the bizarre Spinning Greenhouse. Top Man has an auto-gyro system, which allows him to spin continuously with no ill effects.

Top Man currently serves as one of the bosses you encounter in Wily Citadel 2, the second of the three World Boss stages at the end of World 3, the World of 20XX-210X. His attacks are simple to dodge, as he uses the same attack pattern. He attacks by launching three tops into the air and makes them home in on you, then he spins around to the other side of the arena. Players should utilize their long-range attacks to hurt him, (should they have access to the Mega Man Suit) or else stomp on him while he passes beneath them.


  • Topman is also the name of an enemy in Super Mario Galaxy.
  • Top Man was previously featured in his own level, prior to the official level list being revealed. The level was to be based upon his original stage from Mega Man 3, and was called Spinning Greenhouse. However while his stage was scrapped, Top Man himself was relocated to the second of the three Wily Citadel stages.