This article is about the world as it appears in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. For the actual Mushroom Kingdom in the Mario universe, see Mushroom Kingdom.
The Mushroom Kingdom
World 1

Universe(s) Represented Mario universe

Number of Levels 23 normal
11 secret
9 fortresses
2 ghost houses
1 world boss level

Coin Skin SMB3 Coin
World Boss Bowser

The Mushroom Kingdom is the first world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is Mario, Luigi, and Wario's home world. Bowser is the World Boss. The majority of the levels in the Mushroom Kingdom are original levels, done in a classic Mario style similar to either Super Mario Bros. 3 or New Super Mario Bros., although there are a handful of levels scattered throughout that are modeled directly after specific levels throughout the Mario series. This world is divided up onto 8 "lands", areas with levels based on a specific environmental theme. Each "land" has it's own seperate screen on the map, except the last one, which takes up two.

The Mushroom Kingdom also counts as the game's "hub" world; not only does the player start here, but they also must return here after completing each other world in order to open up the route to the next. After returning to World 1 after completing a different world, the game will indicate a specific level that has started undergoing the Fusion effect while the player was away. These levels contain "World Exits", special secret routes containing a mini-Fusion level related to the world it connects to. By completing a World Exit, the player will gain permanent access to the warp pipe leading to that particular world.


Total number of levels: 46

  • Normal Levels: 23
  • Secret Levels: 11
  • Fortresses: 9
  • Ghost Houses: 2
  • World Boss: 1


Grass Land

Lush grassy fields with a few block field levels.

Desert Land

Mostly desert-themed levels.

Ocean Side

Island-themed levels with plenty of water and swimming.

Sky World

Levels that take place high in the clouds. Very little to no solid ground here.

Ice Land

Snowed-over wintery region with many icy slippery areas.

No Man's Land

This region of the Mushroom Kingdom has started undergoing Legion's fusion of realities, resulting in various areas combining Mario's world with various other worlds. All levels in this section are Fusion levels.

Koopa Kingdom

Levels here include volcanic gauntlets and lots of lava pits. Expect to run into Bowser's military on the way to Bowser's castle.


  • World 1-F9: Kamek's Lair (A fortress based off of Yoshi's Island. This is where the fight against the traitor Kamek and Bowser's troops who turned against him will take place.)

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