Solid Snake
Character Type Non-Playable Character

Affiliation Codec Support Team

Personality Stealthy, determined, genre-savvy

Original Appearance Metal Gear, Metal Gear Solid

Original Occupation Soldier, protagonist

"This is Snake. I'm done here."

Solid Snake is a retired mercenary and a former member of the U.S. military branch known as FOXHOUND. Incredibly intelligent, he possesses an I.Q. of 180 and is a master of six languages. He is regarded as a legend, having previously infiltrated Outer Heaven years before and defeating its leader Big Boss, who had been dubbed the greatest soldier who ever lived. He is also well-known for his three defeats over the bipedal, nuclear-armed mechs known as Metal Gear.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

Snake's role in the game is that he orchestrates the creation of the Mushroom Kingdom Coalition after Bowser is defeated. Having learned of the prophecy of a rebel force founded to defeat Legion, he followed the Mario Bros., correctly believing them to be the ones meant to start said force. He also is a Codec support member, along with Bowser, Mei Ling, Campbell, and Otacon, providing hints to the characters on how to complete the stages.