The epic battle with Necromancer in Behemoth's heart.

World 4-8 Boss

Class Boss

Species Human (Lich?)

Affiliation(s) Legion's Finest

Original Appearance(s) Shining Force CD/Shining Force II: The Sword of Hajyia/The King of Dragons

The Necromancer is a member of the Legion's Finest, known for his mastery of the dark arts. He has a wide array of magical attacks, most notably explosive fire attacks and the ability to command the dead. Unlike the other members of the Legion's Finest, he is completely loyal to Legion and worships it fanatically. The Necromancer uses the Bermuda Triangle to suck ships and aircraft into Gehenna, adding those unfortunate enough to be on board to the armies of Legion.


Like the other members of the Legion's Finest, The Necromancer's history is a mystery. It's entirely possible that he himself is undead, perhaps a lich. He most likely came from one of the many worlds that were fused into Adventurer's Domain. Only one thing is certain, he has the most destructive attacks of The Finest, and should be handled with extreme caution.

Attack pattern

Necromancer's attack patterns are fairly simple and repetitive:

  1. Warping from one ledge to another after he performs an attack or if he is hit by an attack.
  2. Creating dark balls of energy that follow you around the room.
  3. Creating magical spheres that bounce on the ground.
  4. A Bullet Hell attack (only done from the highest ledge).
  5. Making the heart summon blood cells to attack you.

Unlike the majority of bosses, the Necromancer can also be stomped in addition to being hit by projectiles. He doesn't have much health in comparison to other bosses.

Mushroom Kingdom Fusion

The Necromancer is encountered in World 4-8, Corpse of the Behemoth, while he is attempting to revive a massive monster. Having such a creature in the ranks of Legion would be disastrous, so the Coalition defeat him before he could finish. This isn't the only time the Coalition bumps into The Necromancer...


The Necromancer is the first member of Legion's Finest to appear in the demos of Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. Interestingly, The Necromancer is attempting to revive the behemoth, instead of making it an undead slave. Perhaps Legion values the behemoth's original self, instead of letting it become a mindless slave. It may have been a loyal follower of Legion at one time. Either way, no one will ever know.