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Minus World
World -1

Universe(s) Represented MS-DOS, Puzzle Games, Various

Number of Levels TBA

Coin Skin TBA

World Boss TBA

The Minus World is a secret world accessed only after beating the game a first time. It is an unusual realm, with levels based on games that generally don't match the genre of any of the other worlds, obscure games from MS-DOS or lesser-known systems, or games that are just plain bizarre. Levels based on games such as puzzle or strategy games, that one wouldn't normally think could be converted into platforming levels, would be right at home here. This is also where most testing levels are put in the demo versions.


This world is named after the famous Minus World glitch in the original Super Mario Bros. for the NES.


Normal levels:

Secret levels:

  • World -1-S1: The Minefield (Minesweeper level)
  • World -1-S2: <CLASSIFIED>
  • World -1-S3: <CLASSIFIED>
  • World -1-S4: <CLASSIFIED>
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