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Mario with the Mega Man Suit in action.

The Mega Man Suit is a powerup that gives a character the likeness and the power of a Mega Man character. The suits are able to take 3 hits before it is lost. However, this gimmick is only available in The Megaverse. In that world, enemies will randomly drop Health Pellets when killed. They replenish one unit of health for the suit.

Character Effects

  • Mario will turn into Mega Man Mario. He has most of the basic Mega Man powers. He has the Mega Buster cannon that allows Mario to shoot three fast projectiles that pass through walls. He possesses the slide ability, introduced in Mega Man 3. It is a non-damaging move, and it allows Mario to slide under low ceilings quickly. He also has the charged shot ability from Mega Man 4.
  • Luigi will turn into Proto Luigi. Like Mega Man Mario, Proto Luigi has an arm cannon and slide ability. Luigi also gains the Proto Shield to block and reflect projectiles. Proto Luigi can either duck under the shield - similar to the Hammer Bros. Suit - or hold it in front of him in exchange for a charge shot.
  • Sonic will become Quickman Sonic with Quick Boomerangs as his weapon. As Quickman Sonic, he loses the momentum penalties he normally has in any other form, as well as zero knockback from attacks. This is Sonic's only powerup form that gives him projectiles.
  • Wario transforms into Gutsman Wario. In this form, he can summon blocks from the sky and throw them with the Super Arm. It's a strong attack, but it has a long cooldown rate and requires Wario to catch them first. He can also pick up regular bricks in the levels and throw them. A popular internet meme is referenced when Wario enters a level in this suit.
  • Link will become Zero Link. He can dash and fire two Z-Buster shots at once. He can also perform the charge shot. He also becomes equipped with the Z-Saber, which can be charged to give it more power and a longer reach.
  • Arthur will gain a random Robot Master weapon. Fortunately, he is not required to have one in his inventory to gain the bonus HP for World 3.
  • Samus gains her Charge Beam. Not only can she power up her beam attack for extra strength, but it also lets her use extra missiles for a powerful Super Missile attack.
  • Roll becomes Tron Bonne Roll. Her Roll Buster passes through walls in this form. She can also pull up Servbots to toss like vegetables by pressing run while ducking. If she holds down while holding a Servbot, it runs along the ground.
  • Simon Belmont turns into Knightman Simon. His whip becomes the Knight Crush mace ball, which can be charged for farther and stronger shots.
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