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Character Type Playable Character

Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom Coalition

Original Appearance Donkey Kong, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.

"It's-a Mario Time!"

Mario is a playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and member of the Mushroom Kingdom Coalition. His home world is The Mushroom Kingdom. An icon of games, he is the most well-rounded and recognizable of the Coalition.


Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong, back then portrayed as a carpenter named Jumpman. Mario had to climb a large building that was under construction to defeat Donkey Kong and take back Pauline. In the next game, Donkey Kong Jr., Mario plays his only antagonistic role in his career so far, locking Donkey Kong in a cage and trying — and failing — to stop his son from rescuing him. The next game he starred in was Mario Bros., where he and his brother Luigi travel in a sewer, defeating all sorts of creatures infesting the pipes.

It wasn't until Super Mario Bros. when the foundations of Mario's world and further adventures were laid. Mario and Luigi live in the Mushroom Kingdom, actively rescuing Princess Peach from the clutches of Bowser and his forces. Early media suggested that Mario and Luigi came from Brooklyn, New York, and found their way into the Mushroom Kingdom through a pipe, but later games, starting with Yoshi's Island, suggest that Mario and Luigi spent their entire lives in the Mushroom Kingdom. The game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time even went as far as to show a short prologue where Baby Bowser attempted to kidnap Baby Peach, only to be stopped by Baby Mario, just like their present counterparts.


Mario is the only character who can spin jump, allowing him to destroy/jump on enemies other characters cannot, as well as automatically attacking to both sides with some power-ups. Mario is the most flexible character. His fireballs and hammers are useful projectiles, the raccoon and tanooki suit give him flight, the Sci-Fi suit is short-ranged but effective, and the Mega Man suit is similar to a fire flower. His speed and jumping ability are average. Mario is a character that can be used in all situations.

Mario has the advantage of having more powerups available to him than the other characters save Luigi, giving him a wider range of flexibility in play style.

Power-Up System

Power-Up Form Description
Initial Small Mario This is Mario's regular form.
Super Mushroom Super Mario Mario can take a hit without dying and can break bricks.
Fire Flower Fire Mario He can use fireballs as projectiles, which bounce along the ground for a short distance.
Raccoon Leaf Raccoon Mario He can fly as well as use a tail attack.
Tanooki Suit Tanooki Mario This form is like Raccoon Mario, but can temporarily transform into a statue by pressing down + run, granting him temporary invulnerability.
Hammer Bros. Suit Hammer Mario Mario throws powerful hammers in an arc, allowing him to hit enemies high up. Crouching makes Mario resistant to most fire-based projectiles.
Sci-Fi Suit Spartan Mario Mario can use an energy sword and has a rechargeable energy shield.
Mega Man Suit Mega Mario Mario becomes Mega Man and can fire up to three buster shots. He also has the slide maneuver from Mega Man 3, as well as the charged shot from Mega Man 4.
Blue Shell Blue Shell Mario Mario gains the Blue Shell from New Super Mario Bros. It allows him to slide along the ground in a Koopa shell at high speed and gives a Hammer Bros. strength duck.
Soldier Suit Marco Mario Turning into the Metal Slug soldier based on Marco Rossi, Mario gains a gun that allows him multi-directional aiming and rapid fire. The trade off is that its projectiles are rather small and weak.


  • When the player clears a level as Mario, the "course clear" music from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros plays.
  • When Mario grabs the Starman, the "Powerful Mario" theme (such as when Mario has the Wing powerup) from Super Mario 64 plays.
  • If Mario loses a life, the "Lose a Life" music from from the Super Mario All-Stars version of Super Mario Bros plays.
  • The 1up sound from Super Mario World plays whenever Mario collects a 1up.
  • When playing as Mario, the "PLAYER START!" screen before a level starts comes from Super Mario World. In earlier versions of MKF, every playable character had a "PLAYER START!" screen similar to the one in SMW before it was decided that each character would have a unique "PLAYER START!" screen. Currently, only Mario, Luigi, and Waluigi have the SMW "PLAYER START!" screen.
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