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Character Type Playable Character

Affiliation Mushroom Kingdom Coalition

Original Appearance The Legend of Zelda (1985)

Link is a playable character in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and member of the Mushroom Kingdom Coalition.


The exact history of Link is difficult to define, due to the nebulous nature of the Hyrule timeline. However, there is a constant of a hero named Link wearing a green tunic and wielding a sword who arrives to save the lands from danger from a dark force. Usually, this is Ganondorf in his efforts to control the Triforce or conquer the world, but various Links have also gone up against other demonic forces such as possessed masks and phantoms.

Each incarnation of Link varies slightly from the others, but they all usually have a few things in common. They generally come from a humble beginning, show strong skills in swordsmanship and other weaponry and wind up saving the world from a great evil. They generally have a strong sense of justice and many of them end up being the bearer of the Triforce of Courage.


  • Link has a unique gameplay mechanic, best described as a combination of the Mario Bros. and Arthur. As such, Link can both run at variable speeds and has melee weapons. Link also suffers from knockback, but it's not very severe and he recovers after a short time.
  • Link uses a heart meter for his health. It allows him to keep his current power-up when hit by enemy attacks, but prevents him from carrying one in an item box.
  • Link shares the universal abilities of picking up and throwing objects SMB2 style, using guns, and picking up shells and keys. However, he can't stomp and must rely on his weapons.
  • Link has a melee attack at all times by pressing the fire button. He can also perform upward and downward thrusts in mid-air. The damage and reach of his attack varies by form.
  • Link can use a shield to stop low-grade projectiles. Stronger suits have stronger shields, with only two of them lacking one: his Mega Man suit due to the extra HP in World 3 and his Cloud form in exchange for higher attack power and reach.


MKF Item Category Form/Item Description
Initial Regular Link Link in his normal state. He can use the Master Sword while in this form.
Fire Flower Boomerang Link Link gains both his regular and magic boomerangs, allowing him to throw two projectiles at once, both of which can be aimed. The icon for this item is a brown, white-tipped boomerang. These can retrieve coins and other low-tier items.
Raccoon Leaf Deku Link Formerly Keaton Mask Link, this item turns Link into a Deku Scrub like in Majora's Mask. He is able to fly using two Deku flowers, and can even spit Deku Nuts.
Tanooki Suit Classic Link Formerly Deku Link, this ability transforms Link into his classic appearance from the first Zelda game (brown hair, brown tights, and cross shield). To fly, he turns into a fairy from Zelda II, referencing a spell from that game. Classic Link doesn't have a statue morph, but he does have a better shield and shoots sword beams at full health similar to the older Zelda games.
Hammer Bros. Suit Bomb Link Link wears his magic armor from Twilight Princess in this form and keeps a Hylian shield on his back to protect against fire attacks when he ducks. He throws bombs that explode on contact with the ground/wall and can destroy blocks. He uses the Megaton Hammer as his melee weapon. The icon is the magic armor from Twilight Princess.
Sci-Fi Suit Arbiter Link Has the rechargeable Halo energy shield. Link's melee weapon is the Arbiter energy sword, which is faster and more versatile than the one wielded by Mario. The icon is the Arbiter's helmet.
Mega Man Suit Zero Link Equips Link with the Z-Saber and Zero's armor. Link can dash and fire two Z-Buster shots at once. Charging the Z-Buster unleashes a powerful buster shot. You can also charge up the Z-Saber, which makes it more powerful and gives it a longer range. The 3 HP this suit grants in the World of 20XX-210X is added to his total amount. The item icon is Zero's head.
Soldier Suit Cloud Link Link transforms into Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII. He uses the Buster Sword, which has almost twice the reach of the Master Sword and a huge boost in attack power, but is a lot slower. His upward and downward slashes also gain the ability to break blocks.
Additional Powerup Bow Link Link gains a bow and arrow. He can fire arrows with the run button. Arrows have minor aiming options, decent damage, a good rate of fire, and stick to walls for temporary platforms. However, using the bow disrupts Link's movement and has a slight lag before firing. Also, poorly aimed arrows can end up stuck in walls unintentionally, forcing the player to wait for them to fade before being able to fire again.

Melee Weapons and Shields

Link has access to different melee weapons, depending on what form he's in. These vary greatly in terms of power and reach.

  • Master Sword: The basic melee weapon most suits use. Amazingly average. The Master Sword takes a wooden tint while in Deku form, but its stats don't change.
  • Magic Sword: Classic Link's weapon. Very slightly stronger than the Master Sword and shoots beams when Link is at full health.
  • Megaton Hammer: Slower, but stronger with more reach than the Master Sword. The hammer's thrust attacks don't gain any bonus damage, due to the hammer's blunt nature; just a reach extension.
  • Z-Saber: Uncharged Z-Saber slashes are no more powerful than the Master Sword, but have a slightly longer attack range and destroy many weaker enemy projectiles. When charged, it sends out a short range laser slash in the direction Link is facing.
  • Arbiter Energy Sword: Link's Halo sword doesn't shoot beams as planned before, but he swings it faster than Mario, and his thrust attacks become downright nasty, greatly increasing in reach and power.
  • Buster Sword: Fast, does massive damage, has almost twice the reach of the Master Sword, and destroys many enemy projectiles. Link's most powerful sword, but he forsakes a shield and other attack options while using it.

Link also has use of a shield most of the time to stop weak projectile attacks. Higher-tier suits have stronger shields than lower ones.

  • Red Shield: The basic shield, used by Regular, Boomerang and Bow Link. Comes from LTTP.
  • Deku Shield: This wooden shield is used by Deku Link.
  • Magic Shield: A more powerful shield used by Classic Link.
  • Hylian Shield: A sturdy shield held by Bomb Link.
  • Energy Shield: A shield made of Covenant tech used by Arbiter Link.


  • When Link grabs a Starman, the "Power-Up" theme from the 1993 Game Boy game The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening plays.
  • If the player clears a stage as Link, the "Great Victory!" theme from the 1992 (1991 in Japan) SNES game The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past plays.
  • On the hub screen, Link's 1up icon resembles his original sprite from The Legend of Zelda (the first game of the Zelda series). Also, the font with Link's name is also the one used during text when Link speaks to a NPC in The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past.
  • Link was originally unable to stomp on enemies the way some characters like Mario or Sonic could. Since the v0.75 Update, Link is now able to stomp enemies without the need to just rely on his downward thrust with his sword.
  • When playing as Link, the "PLAYER START!" screen before a level starts is based on Zelda 2: The Adventures of Link.
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