King Watinga

Mario is about to throw a POW block at King Watinga.

Recurring Boss

Class Boss

Species Giant Robotic Insect

Affiliation(s) Alliance of Legion

Original Appearance(s) Mario Paint (Nintendo, 1992) - Gnat Attack mini-game Boss

King Watinga is a boss that appears in World 8, Nintendo Subspace. He appears in two levels so far: World 8-4 (Tetropolis) and World 8-S1 (King Watinga's Revenge).


King Watinga is a giant robotic insect. He originated from the 1992 Super NES mouse-operated game Mario Paint as a boss in the Gnat Attack mini-game. He is a relatively obscure character in terms of Nintendo characters.

Attack patterns

King Watinga's attack patterns vary on which stage he is fought in. In Tetropolis, King Watinga will have his basic attack pattern. He will shoot bullets out every few seconds and the number he shoots out depends on how much life he has left. While fighting King Watinga, there will be cockroaches along the floor of the room that can be used to hurt King Watinga. In the Tetropolis stage, King Watinga is easy to face compared to what he does in King Watinga's Revenge.

In King Watinga's Revenge, King Watinga will have more life and will be harder to finish off. There are two parts to this fight. For the first half, King Watinga will use the same attack pattern as he used in Tetropolis. As he loses more life, there will be more bullets. When he has half life left in this stage, King Watinga will change in color and enter what is known as a "bullet-hell" mode. King Watinga has four different attacks in this form and he fires bullets at an insane rate. These bullets don't hurt a character unless it hits their hitbox which is represented by a small green dot on the center of the character. The cockroaches are still present in this phase.

The cockroaches cannot hurt the character fighting King Watinga.