King Totomesu
Mario takes on a vicious King Totomesu in his antechamber.
World 1-S6 Boss
Class Boss
Species Lion/Sphinx
Affiliation(s) Ruler of Birabuto Kingdom
Original Appearance(s) *Super Mario Land. (Nintendo, 1989)

King Totomesu is a boss character. He can be found at the end of the level Birabuto Bash. Unlike his appearance in Super Mario Land, he has his own attack pattern rather than being a clone of Bowser in Super Mario Bros.



Official artwork of King Totomesu

King Totomesu resembles a large lion with a ancient Egyption ceremonial headdress (like that worn by Tutankhamun). He resembles Sphinx statues most commonly associated with ancient Egyptian culture.

Attack patterns

King Totomesu's attacks are simple. He jumps around the room spitting fire at the player. Players can run under King Totomesu when he jumps. King Totomesu also has minions appearing in the room in the form of Nokobons. Their bombs are an extremely effective way to damage King Totomesu. A character equipped with the Hammer Bros. Suit or their varation of it are completely immune to King Totomesu's fireballs when using their defensive technique. Thus, this suit renders a battle with this boss laughably easy.


King Totomesu made an appearance in Super Mario Land as the first World Boss. King Totomesu is the ruler of the Birabuto Kingdom and is a lion by nature. He has the ability to shoot fire from his mouth. Mario could defeat King Totomesu by getting around him and hitting the switch behind him or using five Superballs.


King Totomesu is one of the two bosses that does not explode when defeated.