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Ghostly Avenue
World 4-3
Universe Based On Infinite
Level Designer Demon's Crest
Exits Gladiacloud
Mini-Boss(es) 1
Boss(es) None
Difficulty None
Introduced in Game Version Medium
Red Coin Reward v0.6.5 (as Ruined City)

v0.785 (as Ghostly Avenue)

Ghostly Avenue (formerly known as Ruined City) is the 3rd level in World 4: The Demon Realm. It is based on a series of areas from the game Demon's Crest and contains numerous enemies and hazards from such.

The level takes place in a literal ghost town: all former inhabitants are longtime dead and the city has been overrun by spirits and monsters. The city itself is large, labyrinthine and filled with countless malevolent spirits.


Mario series:

Demon's Crest series:

Castlevania series:

Other enemies:


  • This level was once known as Ruined City and was the 8th level in World 4.
  • This level was originally longer and featured a cavern area with the last part being a pitch-black catacomb and requiring the player to find a way to lighten up the area. However, those areas were removed and split into its own level, Accursed Ruins, after this level was revamped in the upcoming v0.785 update.
  • The Witches, Killer Dogs, and all the Mario enemies were originally absent while the following enemies were removed after the revamp: Corpse Demon, Cyclops Bat, Wall Spider, Living Flame, Anemone, Skull Fish, Skeleton, and Merman.


Revamped Version

Original Version (As Ruined City)


MeR!X Plays MKF v0.8 Ghostly Avenue
Lancer Plays MKF Part 203: Ruined City

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