General Guy

World 1-S2 Boss
Class Boss
Species Shy Guy
Affiliation(s) Servant of Bowser
Original Appearance(s) *Paper Mario (Nintendo, 2001) Chapter 4 Boss
“Mario! You, sir, will pay! You beat my infantry, but that's all you'll do! Prepare for the next wave!”

General Guy is the level boss for Subcon Panic, Act 1. General Guy will be accompanied by several Stilt Guys and other members of his army.


General Guy made his only appearance in Paper Mario on the Nintendo 64 in 2001. General Guy is the Chapter 4 Boss and held the Star Spirit "Muskular" with him. In the boss battle, Mario and a friend were in a fight against several waves of Shy Guys and then against General Guy himself. General Guy sent out three different squads before he faced Mario. He sent out a Shy Squad, an army of Shy Guys, then the Stilt Guys came, and finally a Shy Stack, a tower of Shy Guys. After Mario defeated these waves, then General Guy appears in his toy army tank. General Guy had different attacks, like the bulb on his army tank which fires a lightning bolt or bomb attacks. Mario and most likely Watt, went after General Guy's tank and defeated General Guy. After General Guy was defeated, Muskular was released and Chapter 4 was completed.

In-game role

General Guy appears near the end of Subcon Panic, Act 1. At the beginning of the fight, he hides within his tank, relying on the tank's lightning attack and endless army of Shy Guys to attack the player. Due to his position, the player must attack by throwing Shy Guys at the tank's bulb to destroy it. After the bulb is destroyed, General Guy emerges and attacks with Bob-ombs, which the player must toss back at General Guy to damage him. After his defeat, General Guy's tank blows up and sends him flying into the sky.