The Fire Flower is a powerup that is frequently used by Mario, Luigi and Wario while having a Super Mushroom state active. It gives the user the ability to shoot fireballs. In MKF, it provides a general power-up to the user.

  • Mario turns into Fire Mario and throws fireballs that bounce along the ground. Classic Mario and Classic Luigi's fireballs behave the same.
  • Luigi turns into Fire Luigi. He also throws fireballs, but his fly straight without being affected by gravity, like in the Smash Bros. series. However, they do not travel as far.
  • Wario will gain his Dragon Hat to use as a short range flamethrower. It can rack up multiple hits fast, but wears out after an extended period of time.
  • Sonic will gain the Fire Shield.
  • Link will become Boomerang Link. Link fires two boomerangs, one magical with greater reach and power and the other plain, and they will fly back if they don't hit an enemy. Both of them can be aimed.
  • Arthur will gain a random weapon from his arsenal of weapons.
  • Samus will gain a random beam weapon from her arsenal.
  • Roll and Mega Man will gain a random robot master weapon. These are dependent on an ammo meter.
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