Egyptian Tomb
World 2-9

Time Unlimited

Universe Based On Earth, Lost Vikings, Kid Chameleon

Level Designer JDogindy, Gladiacloud

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Normal

Introduced in Game Version v.5

Egyptian Tomb is the ninth level in World 2, Alternate Earth. It takes place in and around a series of ancient Egyptian catacombs.

Most of the level takes place inside the titular tomb, which is designed after the Egyptian levels of the SNES game The Lost Vikings. The tomb is a winding maze filled with traps and obstacles, and various Egyptian-themed enemies. The player will often need to progress through the level by finding a number of keys located down various passages; many such passages are inaccessible from the start, and require specific switch blocks to be hit in order to make them safe to enter, which requires a decent amount of backtracking.

After making their way out of the tomb, the player will need to traverse a short desert oasis section filled with various Metal Slug soldiers and vehicles, before reaching the flagpole at the end.

Also, carefully concealed somewhere within the tomb is a secret passage, which leads to an older and more labyrinthine section of catacombs modeled after the Sega Genesis game Kid Chameleon. After finding even more keys and crossing a treacherous series of donut blocks over a vast bottomless expanse, the player will find a secret exit to the level inside the head of a gigantic pharaoh statue.


Originally, Egyptian Tomb was planned as a level named Pyramid Plains, until it was proposed as a Metal Slug-themed level instead.

The level sat in development limbo since then, until it was picked up by Development Team member JDogindy, who started the level and later handed it over to developer Gladiacloud, who made it what it is now.