Dobkeratops stands in the way of Mario.
World 9-? Mini-Boss
Class Mini-Boss
Species Huge Bydo
Affiliation(s) Unknown
Original Appearance(s) R-Type (Irem, 1987), Stage 1 Boss
Dobkeratops is a mini-boss that appears in World 9, Edge of Beyond. He appears in Bydo Station.


Dobkeratops is a huge orange-red Bydo monster. He has an unmistakable resemblance to the Xenomorphs of the Alien movies, but lacks appendages other than a flailing tail, the end of which shoots bullets at any nearby targets. He has a peculiar tumor-like growth in his chest.

Attack patterns

Dobkeratops begins attacking by using his tail. The tail itself does not harm you, but the tail tip can shoot bullets aimed at you. The tail does block all forms of projectile attacks, however.

Dobkeratops has a peculiar tumor-like growth in his chest. This is Dobkeratops' weak spot; he will cover it up with his tail to block projectile attacks. A riskier maneuver is to pick up the brown robots emerging from the door in his room and throw them at the weak spot. This approach is risky, but Dobkeratops cannot use his tail to block the robots thrown at him.

With enough damage, the tumor will break, revealing a gaping hole in his chest. A creature emerges and begins attacking furiously with one of three random attacks:

  • A chain of white cell-like projectiles that are guided towards your vertical position.
  • A three-way spread of bullets.
  • A four-way spread of bullets.


Origins Dobkeratops originated from the 1987 Irem side-view scrolling shooter R-Type. He serves as that game's first boss. Dobkeratops would go on to make appearances in just about every other R-Type game thereafter, becoming one of the iconic characters of the R-Type series.

Dobkeratops' design was obviously inspired by H.R. Geiger's creature design for the Xenomorphs (the alien creatures from the Alien films). This design was a trend in video games at the time of R-Type's release. Geiger-inspired creatures (not only the alien creature itself, but various other recognizable creatures such as Chest Bursters, Face Huggers, Alien Eggs, and even the Queen) appear in such video games as the Contra series, Turrican, and many more games released from the late 1980's to the early 1990's.