Mario and the Cyberdemon exchange fire with each other in an explosive battle.

World 4-2 Boss

Class Boss

Species Demon

Affiliation(s) Alliance of Legion

Original Appearance(s) *DOOM (id Software, 1993) - E2M8 (Tower of Babel)
*DOOM 2 (id Software, 1994) - various locations

The Cyberdemon is the boss of Tower of Babel, which is level 2 of World 4, The Demon Realm.


The Cyberdemon is a massive skyscraper of a demon. He resembles a satyr with a bionic prosthetic limbs, including a rocket launcher for an arm. He makes loud footfalls as he walks.

Attack patterns

Cyberdemon's attack is firing rocket projectiles. The explosion from the rockets cause as much damage as the rockets themselves, so be wary of them. Cyberdemon will fire 5 rockets at a character, one after another. Cyberdemon will rest for a few seconds before he will start firing 5 more missiles at you. There are DOOM rocket launchers placed around the room that can be used to defeat Cyberdemon. Each rocket launcher has 5 shots, so don't waste them!

A player-discovered trick to easily defeat the beast lies in the vegetables planted in the area. When one is tossed upward so that it lands on Cyberdemon, preferably just before he starts firing, it will bounce off of him multiple times and accumulate a large amount of damage.



The Cyberdemon's first and most famous appearance in the original DOOM (id software, 1993).

The Cyberdemon is legendary among DOOM fanatics as a threatening boss monster. He can obliterate any player quickly, even those who picked up a Megasphere powerup! His first and most famous appearance in the DOOM trilogy is in E2M8 (Episode 2, Mission 8) of the original DOOM. This level is known as "Tower of Babel", which is the inspiration behind MKFusion's level of the same name.