Covenant Assault
World 9-1


Universe Based On Halo

Level Designer Judgespear

Exits 2

Mini-Boss(es) None

Boss(es) None

Difficulty Hard

Introduced in Game Version v0.0.1 Beta

Covenant Assault is the first level of Edge of Beyond, one of the Halo levels in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion and one of the first levels developed for this world. It features the Covenant as the primary enemies, with miscellaneous enemies from other worlds also appearing. The Mushroom Kingdom Coalition must use various guns and weaponry to defeat them, due to the Covenant's general immunity to being stomped. The level begins on the outside and moves to the inside of the installation about a fourth of the way into the level, where there is more platforming and enemies. This level also contains a secret exit. The level, as of now, is a tutorial to the World 9 levels.