Calliope the Clown
Mario barely misses getting sucker-punched by Calliope's spring-loaded glove attack.
World 7-S1 Boss
Class Boss
Species Clown
Affiliation(s) Unknown
Original Appearance(s) *Castle of Illusion Starring

Mickey Mouse (Sega, 1990) Level 2 Boss

Calliope the Clown is an optional boss that appears in World 7, Mobius. He appears in the first secret stage, Toyland.


Calliope the Clown is a stereotypical clown-type entity. He appears to be fused with a jack-in-the-box, and has springs for legs and two boxing gloves.

Attack patterns

Calliope the Clown has a variety of attacks and can only be hit at certain times. His attack patterns involve sending one of his arms in the direction that he is facing a character. This attack extends off-screen and returns to Calliope. Calliope will also jump around the stage before he sends his arm out to attack. Calliope also sends out several trampolines which slide across the stage for a short amount of time. While this is happening, Calliope can be hit by jumping on the trampoline and stomping him. Calliope can only be hit at this point and can only be stomped. He is immune to projectile-based attacks.

As Calliope's health decreases, he begins to replace some of the trampolines with Poison Mushrooms. When Calliope gets down to about half-life, he has a mini "bullet-hell" mode whenever he jumps across the room.



Calliope the Clown's original appearance.

Calliope the Clown originated from the 1990 Sega Genesis game Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse. He serves as that game's second level boss, which MKFusion's Toyland level is based upon. Calliope's attacks in MKFusion are very similar to his attacks in Castle of Illusion.