Bubble Man
Mario takes on a very aggressive Bubbleman.
World 3-3 Boss
Class Boss
Species Robot Master
Affiliation(s) Servant of Dr. Wily
Original Appearance(s) *Mega Man 2 (Capcom 1988)
Bubble Man is one of many Mega Man characters to be featured in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. His role as a boss comes in the level, Fort BubbleMan, which is level 3 of World 3, World of 20XX-210X.

Attack patterns


Bubbleman is the first boss ever programmed in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion.

Bubble Man's main attack patterns are mainly shooting bubbles at a character. He'll start by firing three projectiles while moving from one side of the room to the next. When he gets to the other side, he will release more projectiles in a way so that a character will find it hard to avoid. Since the characters are in water while fighting Bubble Man, it makes it impossible to stomp him. So, to make up for that, Bubble Man will shoot out bubbles that will bounce around the room. The bubbles can be stomped and when they are, they will drop to the floor in which a character can pick them up to throw at Bubble Man. Even characters who can't normally stomp enemies can stomp on the bubbles.