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Adventurer's Domain
World 6

Universe(s) Represented Various fantasy-themed and mythological-themed games.

Number of Levels 8 normal
2 secret
4 fortresses
1 world boss level

Coin Skin Various (most levels have coins based on the game, 3 Wonders)

World Boss Dracula

Adventurer's Domain is the 6th world in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. It is a world centered around fantasy and mythological-themed games such as The Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy. This is Link's home world. The World Boss is Dracula.


The Adventurer's Domain is a realm of fantasy and sorcery, where heroes set out in search of treasure and do battle against fantastic creatures. Try not to let the mystical nature of this place lull you into letting your guard down, though, as numerous villainous forces are vying for control here, and see you as nothing more than an obstacle in their way.


Total number of levels: 15

  • Normal Levels: 8
  • Secret Levels: 2
  • Fortresses: 4
  • World Boss: 1


Normal Levels

Secret Levels

Removed Levels

Development History

This world was formerly known as SHMUPS Domain. It was originally intended to be an optional world focused heavily on SHMUP (shoot 'em up) games (such as R-Type and Gradius), but was changed into a fantasy setting world due to the following reasons:

  • Programming difficulties of the now ill-fated SHMUPS system, which was scrapped.
  • The impracticality of sticking a genre-shifting game mechanic in MKF, which, at this time of writing, already has so many other game mechanics crammed into it.
  • The similarity in theme between SHMUPS Domain and World 9 (Edge of Beyond). Both had an outer space/sci-fi theme; there was no point and even unfair to the other unrepresented and underrepresented games for there to be two worlds with a similar theme.

JudgeSpear (now EddyMRA) admitted that SHMUPS Domain was a vanity addition, since he is a big fan of the SHMUPS genre. With the culling of the SHMUPS system, the SHMUPS Domain world became useless and expendable. The existing SHMUPS-themed level, Bydo Station, was moved to World 9, along with SHMUPS Domain's plot. Bacterion was planned as the World Boss of World 6 during its original SHMUPS format but was moved as a regular boss in World 9.


  • The map of this world is based off the worldmap from Seiken Densetsu DS, also known as Children of Mana.
  • The shopkeeper of this world is Recette Lemongrass from the indie game Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale.
  • The "LEVEL COMPLETE" and "WORLD COMPLETE" script that appears after defeating a boss uses a font based on the Final Fantasy series.
  • The map theme in this world is the Ancient Temple theme from 1991 Sega Genesis RPG game Shining in the Darkness.
  • The Hammer Bros-like battle fighting enemies predominantly from the Final Fantasy or Zelda series features the Battle Theme from 1994 game Final Fantasy VI.
  • According to the old MKF forum, a rejected idea regarding World 6 was for the Coalition to collect scattered parts of the mastermind Clockwerk of the Sly Cooper series, only to tricked by the Villain Alliance and have him assembled to serve as the World Boss.
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