343 Guilty Spark

189181-guiltyspark large
Edge of Beyond World Boss
Class World Boss
Species Artificial Intelligence
Affiliation(s) Alpha Halo (Installation 04)
Original Appearance(s) Halo: Combat Evolved

343 Guilty Spark is a World Boss in World 9:Edge of Beyond main character from the Halo series. He appears in one level of Edge of Beyond and serves as its final boss.


343 Guilty Spark first appeared in the first Halo in the level sharing his name. Serving as the Monitor of Installation 04 (Halo), he dubs Master Chief the "Reclaimer" and requests his help to activate Halo's defenses to defeat the Flood. However, Halo's idea of defense is to wipe out all life in the galaxy, defeating the Flood by starving them to death. When Master Chief and his A.I., Cortana, see through his ruse, he desperately attempts to stop them from destroying the ship Pillar of Autumn, which would destabilize Halo and cause it to explode. His attempts fail and Halo is destroyed.

In Halo 2, he is discovered by the Covenant and is dubbed an "Oracle", telling the Hierarchs how to activate another Halo, Installation 05.

During the events of Halo 3, Guilty Spark finds himself allied with the humans and Elites, as he has no home and no orders to follow. He leads Master Chief, the Arbiter and Sergeant Johnson to a new, under-construction Halo to replace Installation 04. While Guilty Spark is giddy about having a new home, Sergeant Johnson prepares to use it to kill the Flood once and for all, destroying the new Halo in the process. Guilty Spark goes insane and claims the ring as his own, forcing Master Chief and the Arbiter to destroy him.

MKFusion Role

343 Guilty Spark appears in The Library level, where he serves a role similar to the first game by leading the player through the level to activate Halo's defenses. Hitting Guilty Spark might result in an item drop. He will always drop a Tanooki Suit if struck just before the start of the high-speed section.

Guilty Spark also serves as the final boss for Edge of Beyond.

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