A 1-Up Mushroom is a rare item occasionally found in some levels. Once collected, it gives the player an extra life.

Occasionally, the 1-Up Mushroom takes on a different appearance depending on the character and circumstances.

  • If Arthur is the playable character, it will take the form of an extra life icon from his series.
  • If Link is the current character, it used to take the form of the Triforce but as of v0.5, Link' 1-ups will now be the Link dolls from Zelda 2.
  • When found in Sonic-style monitors, it will bear the face of the current character.
  • If Classic Mario or Classic Luigi is the player character, its form will be that of the 8-bit 1-Up from Super Mario Bros.
  • When playing as a Mega Man character (Roll, Proto Man, Mega Man, Vile, Zero), its form will be that of the character's head.
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